E-Z 2 Meter Beam Antenna

I have used the antenna described here for over 20 years. It is not the highest gain design but it is a simple, flexible, and forgiving design. I will describe several ways to build this antenna using the dimensions in the accompanying diagram. I once used a 4 element version of one of these antennas up 15 feet made of a safety flag with aluminum clothesline wire taped to it for elements, to work Canada, the east coast and mid-west on 52 simplex from my former home in Brookhaven Mississippi.

This antenna may be built on a conductive or non-conductive boom such as aluminum tubing, broom handle, bicycle safety flag, fishing rod, etc. The elements may be attached to the boom by any convenient method. Element length and spacing are extremely critical so take care with all measurements. I have built this antenna with 10 elements.  Remember, some sort of clamp must be used to make the electrical attachments to the coax shield and gamma match. A solder lug under a mounting screw will work well in many instances for the coax shield connection.

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The gamma match bar spacing from the element is not critical but if it is over an inch or so, some shortening of the gamma attachment point may be needed. The gamma attachment point and the gamma capacitor may be varied to obtain a good VSWR. The antenna will usually work quite well with the dimensions given and a 10 to 12 pf gamma capacitor. Seal the end of the coax and the gamma capacitor well to prevent moisture from entering.

Simple Construction