Hattiesburg Amateur Radio Club

Hattiesburg Amateur Radio Club Minutes for August 10, 2015

Meeting called to order and pledge at 7:00 PM

Motion made to dispense with minutes by W.C.

Seconded by Larry

All Ayes

Treasury Report given by Lex Mason, KD5XG

1 Dues

2,777.80 unreconciled


Motion to accept Treasury Report by Bob

All Ayes

Repeater Committee Report:

Still waiting on .36

Echo active on 146.775

Old Business:

SET spoken of.

N4FF: Mississippi Section Phone Net counted? Answered: Yes

Katrina Event: Larry reported.

Looks good except for denied photos by one source. Leon was calling on that.

Asked about support from Club. Eric and Club agreed to $250.00 seed money to go for cards,


Motion to accept by Ike

Seconded by Janet

All Ayes

Dale arrived and reported on SET.

Numbers still coming in. Did really well. Discussed scoring. 37 Hams checked in. Room for

improvements. 400 score by first Guidelines, 200 by second Guidelines.

Dale with Repeater Report:

Tone squelch working now. Tail will be fixed later by company.

(136.5 Tone)

Dale moved to Adjourn. (7:18)

Bob Seconded.

All Ayes.

Presentation by Eric: FEMA Independent Study (IS) and EMCOMMS